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Create an App

An app is just a TypeScript function. Moyuk automatically generates a form from the default export function's signature.

How to create an app

  1. Click on + Button on the navigation bar or New App button on the dashboard.
  2. Edit the TypeScript code in the editor. Make sure to export a function as default.
  3. Name the app in App Info tab.
  4. (Optional) Customize the form in Form Customization tab.
  5. Click on Publish changes button to release the app.

Edit the code

You can edit the code in the editor in the Code tab. The editor is powered by Monaco Editor, which is the same editor used in Visual Studio Code.


Moyuk currently doesn't support multiple files.

Code to create a form

Moyuk finds the default export function and generates a form from its signature.

  • The parameters of the function are used as the form's input fields.
    • The parameter's type is used to determine the input field's type.
    • The parameter's default value is used as the input field's default value.
    • The parameter's name is used as the input field's label. (Converted to title case)
  • The return value of the function is used as the form's output.
  • The compiled function handles the form's submission.
    • By default, the function is called when the input values are changed.
    • You can change this behavior in Form Customization tab.


export default function run(
name: string, // This becomes a text input field.
age: number = 20, // This becomes a number input field with the default value of 20.
) {
return `Hello, ${name || 'unknown'}! You are ${age} years old.`; // This becomes a readonly text field.

This code generates a form like this:

Generated form